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Pre-Race Panic Dreams

Lately I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with sleep in general and dreams in particular. If blame must be assigned for my latest obsession, we must assign it to my training partner George, who often attempts to take our minds … Continue reading

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AGNC 2013: Think Local to Race Global

Most athletes will freak themselves out thinking about this as a big, national event. So don’t do that. Pretend it’s just another local race. Execute what you are capable of on your best day locally and you’ll have a great … Continue reading

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Nationals 2013: Sometimes You Gotta Lose to Win

I just qualified for Team USA at the Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee, but lost my $400 Garmin in the process. I guess “they” are right when they say winning comes at a cost, but I am so giddy about representing the … Continue reading

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New England Season Opener 2013: “Suffer Like It’s Childbirth”

“Stop calculating. Compete and win the damn race. Swim bike and run 100 percent— don’t look at the clock. Dig deep and suffer like it’s childbirth.” That was my coach’s doubly perfect comeback when I announced my oh-so-obsessive plan to … Continue reading

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My 2013 Challenge to You: Let Yourself Suck

The Mayans were wrong and the world didn’t end, so if you are presently New-Year’s-Resolution-less, please go find one pronto. Since we scored the cosmic Bonus Ball and get another 365 earthly rotations, I kinda feel like it’s incumbent upon … Continue reading

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Scared, Scarred, Scarified

I took a scarred bike, body, and brain up to Lowell this past weekend for FIRM Racing’s Wild Cat Sprint Triathlon, my first post-crash race. Little did I know this scared and scarred rider would be navigating a whole lot … Continue reading

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Flagrant Violation of Rule #42 in Cohasset

If you haven’t heard me yammer on about the Velominati’s list of 91 Cycling Rules, well, where the hell have you been… training at altitude with Manny Huerta, perhaps? Seriously, consider yourself lucky; I’ve become barely bearable since a fellow blogger … Continue reading

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Oh No, Water Row!

As you’ve probably heard through the grapevine (and by that I mean Daughter #1’s Facebook postings and text messages), Skerritt and I took a tumble yesterday. Yes, it was of the high-speed, clipped in variety. Yes, I am fine. Yes, … Continue reading

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Billy Idol, Al Capone, and Number 56

This past Sunday I not only learned that Ludlow is in western Massachusetts, but I also trekked there for my first triathlon of 2012. I suppose that would make Ludlow my season opener, but I’ll do a race actually called … Continue reading

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“You Can Drive FAST, Young Lady, But…”

Yesterday during the Wrentham Duathlon’s bike leg I had a flashback to my first encounter with an angry, bullhorn-wielding state trooper. Not-so-sweet 16, I nervously toyed with the stick shift and prayed for no ticket as that officer’s face turned … Continue reading

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