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Wedding Toast for C4, Boston Marathon-Style

What’s one to do when a dear, Boston Marathon-running friend ties the knot? Send her off on her merry, matrimonial way with some Bah-stun-based advice, that’s what I say. So that’s precisely what I did this weekend, when a certain dear friend named … Continue reading

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Sorry Daughter # 1: No NYC in 2012

Daughter # 1 will be distraught to read this: I did not get a bib number during the NYC 2012 marathon lottery yesterday. We’ve been awaiting word since round-about noon yesterday, but alas, after 19 hours of finger-crossing, my profile … Continue reading

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58, Cloudy With a Gentle Breeze…I’ll Take It :)

Different year, different race, same obsessive-compulsive behavior: lately I’ve been refreshing weather.com more frequently than Daughter #1 posts embarrassing Facebook updates about me during races. Those of you who for some reason keep coming back to this blog for more … Continue reading

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Tabula Rasa for Season Three

As I write this, America’s Sister Golden Hair is running through my head; lately I’ve been one poor correspondent. Sorry about that. Silver lining: America has finally given Barry White the boot. (Hang with me a bit and that sentence … Continue reading

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