Running Marlborough

My pet project from January to July 2011 was to run each and every road in Marlborough, Mass. I know: it was a little wacky and a tad bizzare. In other words, it was very “me”. 

Don’t blame me; like Jessica in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I was drawn this way.

Last updated:                                    7/09/2011
# roads in Marlborough / # run:   617/617
percent complete:                            100%
Roads left to “collect”:                     NONE–I AM DONE!!!! (not including 495 and 290)

What’s that? Don’t believe me? OK Doubting Thomas, scroll down for run-by-run proof 🙂 

July 9th 2011
4 new completes: 
Adams, Park, Ringold, Zompetti (aka “Marlborough A to Z” 🙂 )

July 7th 2011
8 new completes:
Banner, Clover, Ethier, Heritage Hill, Pleasant (final leg), Redbud, Silver Leaf, St Ives

July 5th 2011
4 new completes: Cushing Hill, Hager, Pomphrey, Slocumb

July 1st, 2011
2 new completes: Blaiswood, Windmill

June 29th 2011
5 new completes: Desimone, Goodnow, O’Brien, O’Leary, Westboro

June 23rd 2011
8 new completes: Devens, Emmett (final leg), Fahey, Grant Court, Lincoln (final leg), McEnelley, Prospect, Washington Court

As of June 20th 2011 / 589 roads run

June 19th 2011
1 new complete:
Highgate Road

June 14th 2011
9 new completes:
Bracken, Charles, Daley, Gleason Ext, Madden, Mount Pleasant, Robin, Sidney, Thompson

June 2nd 2011
12 new completes:
Commonwealth, Danjou, Edinboro, Exeter, Granger (final leg) Harvard, Howe (final leg), Madison, Mill North, Mill South (final leg), Sherman, South Street Ext

May 31st 2011
8 new completes:
Dudley, East Dudley, Ferrechia, Masciarelli, Whitney, Dibuono, MacQuarrie, Cleversy

May 28 2011
26 completes:
American, Bates, Bicknell, Brimsmead, Cashman, Ellis, Fairmont, Gay, Gibbons, Grant, Highland, Hillcrest, Laviollette, Lincoln Court, Mildon, Moffa, Onamog, Paris, Pleasant Place, Rawlins, Tremont, Versailles, Windsor Pl, Winthrop, Witherbee Terr, Witherbee St

May 25th 2011
Run #1 du jour: 7 new completes:
Lakeside, Northboro East, Northboro West, Northboro Central, Boston Post Road West, Applebriar, Muddy
Run #2 du jour: 2 new completes (this one was done with Gary as he finished his Run Marlborough quest–whooo hooo Gary, and thanks for helping me squeeze a few more in!) Silver, Fay.

May 23rd 2011
2 new completes: Sherwood Drive North, Whitelock… while it’s not countable because it’s not a “real” street, I also got IATA: 9B1 (aka Marlborough Airport’s runway!!!)

May 22nd 2011
3 new completes:
Concord (final leg), Hemenway Extension, Mosher.

May 19th 2011
5 new completes:
Campus, Cedar Hill, D’Angelo, Martinangelo, St. Martin

May 17th 2011
17 new completes:
Calder, Harrison, Hastings, Hatfield, Howe, Howland, Hunter, LaBelle, Maplewood, Montanari, Mountain, Overlook, Perry, Preston, Russell, Shane’s Lane, Shorter

May 15th 2011
20 new completes:
Ahlgren, Beaudry, Bergeron, Bigelow (final leg), Brazeau, Chase, D’Amico, Duca, Elm Hts, Flag, Gregoire, Houde, Leonard, Millham (final leg), Nashoba, Peltier, Rogers, Schofield, Shea, Wyman

My crazy map as of May 15, 2011 - 498 roads completed

May 13th 2011
6 new completes:
Collins, Country Club, Fitzgerald, Knight, Rolfe, Sunset

May 8th 2011
22 new completes:
Ashley, Avalon, Barracuda, Boston Post Road East (final leg) Cadillac, Carriage Path, Colton, Clearview, El Dorado, Ethel, Farmington, Holly Hill, Mustang, Robinhood, Roundtop, Shelly, Sherwood South, Thunderbird, Val’s Lane, Victoria, Village, Westminster

May 6th 2011
1 new complete:
Royal Crest (I personally think this should count as several completes; there is a whole lotta pavement in that complex! Alas, my opinion doesn’t count.)
May 4th 2011
1 new complete:
Gagas Lane

May 2nd 2011
9 new completes:
Barnes, Estabrook, Freemont, Huntington, Jefferson, Munroe, Pierce, Rice, Union (final leg)

April 28th 2011
11 new completes: Catherine, Garabed, Gulbankian, Kevork, Nicole, Sonia, Tavitian, Virginia, Wagon Hill, Willows, Windsor Meadows.

April 25th 2011
1 new complete: Evergreen

I finished 416 roads as of 4/17...had I known I was this close, I would have added another road to make it 417 on 4/17! Not going out again though--I've got a kinda long run tomorrow! 🙂

April 17 2011 – last roads collected pre-Boston Marathon!
5 new completes:
Diana, Fuller, Gunnar, Leoleis, Walcott

April 14th 2011
7 new completes:
Bolton (final leg), Boston Scientific Way, Sasseville, Crowley, Varley, Fairbanks, Fitchburg

April 12th 2011
11 new completes:
Applewood, Auburn, Benjamin, Briarwood, Brook Village East, Crystal Brook, Davis, East Main Street  (final leg), Kane, Old Charter (final leg) 

April 10th 2011
12 new completes:
Austen, Bronte, Christie, Dickenson, Donald Lynch, Goddard, North Bigelow, Pond View, River Rd, Solomon Pond, Waterford, Wheeler Hill

April 7th 2011
9 new completes:
Ames, Bond, Elm (final leg), Hayes Memorial, Lord, Nickerson, Reilly, Winter Ave, Winter Street

Sixty-six percent done 🙂

April 5th 2011
1 new complete:
Red Spring (final leg)

April 2nd 2011 (Happy 15th Birthday, Daughter #1 aka Emma!)
25 new completes:
Bartlet, Burns, Conrad, Felton, Flynn, Foley, Forbes, Forest, Glen, Hurley, Jackson, Landry, Lizotte, Locke, MacKay, McGee, Memory, Mount Royal, Puritan, Results Way, Ripley, Sandini, Simarano, Teller, Tucker

March 29th 2011

6 new completes: Alan, Kings View (final leg), Meadowbrook (final leg),  Patricia, Susan, Whitier

March 24th 2011
14 new completes: Birch, Bruce, Causeway Street Extension, Daniels, Elizabeth, First, Graves, Hardy, Hill, Indian Lakeshore, Parker, Patten, Second, Wakefield

March 23rd 2011
5 new completes: Boise, Dowling, Draper, Grodan, Kinder Circle


Observation on most recent run: “John” and “Irving” streets are within a tenth of a mile of each other…John Irving is one of my favorite authors 🙂

March 19th 2011
16 new completes: Bridge (final leg), Brook, Cottage, Court, Dow, Florence, Garfield, Irving, Lacombe, Lambert, Neil, Newton, Spruce, Valley

March 17th 2011
23 new completes:
Allen Ct, Arnold, Belmont, Belmont Extension, Boudreau Ave, Broad St (final leg), Brigham Ave, Chestnut, Cross,  Franklin, Frye, Jonas Ct, Kirby, Lacouture, Longley, Manning, Martin, Norwood, Pearl, Pleasant Ct, Roosevelt, Spring, Sumner

Half way done! Today is March 14th and Ive officially run 50% of the roads of Marlborough MA. I ran past Angelica Swamp today; without looking at my Garmin file, do any of you townies know where the heck Angelica Swamp is? Yeah, I didnt think you would; I had never heard of it before either! Who the heck would give a swamp such a pretty name?!?!?! A SWAMP!!!! Pure wackiness, I say!

March 14th 2011
7 new completes: Broadmeadow, Clarke, Country, Helen, Parmenter, Priscilla, Ruth

March 13th 2011
10 new completes:
Birchwood, Blake, Boivin, Dove, O’Grady, O’Malley, Pheasant Hill, Phelps, Royce, Sunshine

March 10th 2011
17 new completes:
Akroyd, Ames, Andrews, Baker, Barrett, Brown, Chandler, Dirado, Exchange, Fowler, Francis, High, Middle, Oakcrest, Ryan, Springhill, State

March 5th 2011
16 new completes:
Arcadia, Azalea, Bowstring, Deerskin, Dicenzo, Indian, Lilac, Magnolia, Mohican, Old Boston Post Road, Pioneer, Rose Pointe, Settlers, Tanners, Tecumseh, Violetwood

March 3rd 2011
16 new completes:
Ahern, Canterbury, Clover Hill, Deerfield Run, Dufour, Gibbs Pl, Heatherwood, Joel, Kelleher, Macomber, Morrissey, Nicholas, Sterns, Whispering Brook, Wilkens, Williams

March 1st 2011
9 new completes:
Cummings, Donahue, Doucette, Evelina, Jacobs, Maurice, Reynolds, Robin Hill, Simmons (no garmin file–it malfunctioned again…the good news is Garmin is sending me a replacement device later this week 🙂

map as of February 28 2011. I ran 98 new-to-me roads this month. Oddest piece of town trivia I picked up along the way: Long Road is shorter than both Short Road and Shorter Road. Go figure.

February 26th 2011
21 new completes:
Beach, Brigham, Comtois, Crescent, Federal, Gleason, Hayden, Larose, Liberty, Maple (final leg), Mill, Monument, Mt Pleasant Terr, New, Orchard, South, Water, Water Terrace, Weed, West, West Main Street (final leg)

February 24th 2011
5 new completes: Brady Way, Eager Court, Page Circle. Kosmas Street, Raffaele Road

February 22nd 2011
1 new complete:
Boundary Street (you’ll have to take my word for it–my Garmin malfunctioned and didn’t record this one 😦

February 19th 2011
27 new completes: Balcom, Beechnut, Blanchette, Bouffard, Butler, Demers, Ewald, Harmoney, Heath, Hemenway (final segment of), Hutchinson, Jackson, Jean, Juniper, Lafayette, Lamarre, Linda, McNeil, Melody, Miele, Muir, Raymond, Sheridan, Symphony, Wood, Woodland

February 17th 2011
17 new completes: Meadow, Spring, Amory, Cullinane, Western View, Algosi, Pembroke, Upland, Longfellow Terrace, Oak, Perolman, Worster, Gaucher, Cortland, Russet, McIntosh, Baldwin

February 15th 2011
14 new completes: Bacher, Berlin, Dalton, Dufresne, Goodwin, Joseph North, Long, Matheson, McDermott, McDonough, Padula, Peebles, West Hill, Wright

February 7th 2011
16 new completes: Ash, Belleview, Bellows, Central, Cusella, Hollis, Kelber, Kenney, Labrache, Marien Ln, Mechanic, Short, Tassi, Tayntor, Temple, Washington


In January I added 77 new roads to my run of the way to my goal of running every road in the city. HIghlight of the month: running down the road named for my grandfather, WWII veteran Arnold Warren Johansen. Yep, I ran Johansen Drive this month, I did...and I ran it pretty well, as ironically enough my coach lives there. I didnt want to have sloppy form in case he was watching 🙂

January 31st 2011
16 new completes: Belmore, Emer, Farrington, Fish, Flint, Graham Path, Hamilton Cir, Harper Cir, Haskell Lane, Hawkins Lane, Langelier, Littlefield, Prendiville, Sheffield, Stetson, Woodcock

January 29th 2011
31 new completes:  Berkeley, Beverley, Church, Corey, Cotting, Dartmouth, Elm Pl, Essex, Front, Gates Ave, Greendale, Greenwood, Grove, Holm, James Ave, Maddox, Maple Terr, Marlton, McIntyre, Midland, Plymouth, River, Sawin, Shawmut, Vine, Walker, Walnut, Warren, Wellington, White Terr, Woodridge

January 27th 2011
4 new completes: Boyd, Fontaine, McCabe, Miles Standish (final leg)

January 22nd 2011
3 new completes: Cameron, Taylor, Vega

January 20th 2011
19 new completes: Anderson, Blossom, Cetrina, Crestwood, Crosby, Gano, Gately, Grace, Johansen, Lambert, Lodi, Pippen, Porter, Princess, Queensview, Richard, Ridge, Stacey, Summit

January 10 2011
1 new complete: Russo

January 8th 2011
2 new completes:
Hudson, Peters

December 5th 2010
1 new complete:
Carver Hill Road

December 1 2010
3 new completes:
Clinton, Kings Grant, Roberts

November 25 2010
1 new partial:
Red Spring

November 20th 2010
6 new completes: Curtis, Hanlon, Minehan, Stonehill, Turner Ridge, Wayside Inn Road

November 11th 2010
1 new complete:

November 7th 2010
2 new completes:
Spoonhill, Thomas

November 2 2010
2 new completes:
Bolton Street Extension, Framingham

November 1st 2010
1 new complete:

October 30 2010

3 new completes: Farm, Sudbury, Wilson

October 29th 2010
1 new complete:

October 27th 2010
2 new completes: Dean, Gordon

October 25th 2010
1 new complete:

October 26th 2010
2 new completes:
Agoritsas, Thresher

October 24th 2010
2 new completes:
Dawes, Turmaine

October 23 2010
2 new completes:
Hosmer, Stevens

October 21st 2010
12 new completes:
Barnard, Beaman, Causeway, Cook, Denoncourt, Girard, Hildreth, Lakeshore, Naugler, Reservoir, Simpson, Stow

Before I decided to "Run Marlborough", my go-to routes covered only 7% of the citys named roads. As you can see, I am counting by named roads and not by mileage...I really have no idea how to do it by mileage and that sounds like waaaaay too much math for me. This is supposed to be fun--too much math scares me.

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