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Thirty-One Seconds

By now, ya’ll must know I’ve a thing for numbers; math may flummox me, but race-day numerology intrigues. So how’s this for nifty number stuff: thrice this season I placed in the top three overall, and in two of those … Continue reading

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Operation “Beat Becky”

I have officially become a horrible, terrible, very-bad person. I am absolutely sure of it, and by the time you reach the end of this piece, I am absolutely sure you will be absolutely sure, too. The unlikely (appropriate?) scene … Continue reading

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Scared, Scarred, Scarified

I took a scarred bike, body, and brain up to Lowell this past weekend for FIRM Racing’s Wild Cat Sprint Triathlon, my first post-crash race. Little did I know this scared and scarred rider would be navigating a whole lot … Continue reading

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Flagrant Violation of Rule #42 in Cohasset

If you haven’t heard me yammer on about the Velominati’s list of 91 Cycling Rules, well, where the hell have you been… training at altitude with Manny Huerta, perhaps? Seriously, consider yourself lucky; I’ve become barely bearable since a fellow blogger … Continue reading

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Operating Under the Influence

We all know questionable decisions can be made when one operates under the influence of hops-based beverages. I am here to warn you of a force that doesn’t get nearly as much press but is equally influential: the power interval. While beer … Continue reading

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Secret Goals and Bird Crap

These days I’m fascinated with Lance Armstrong*, and by “these days” I mean “the past decade”. (That’s normal, right?) I want to know every little detail. That said, when I read in Every Second Counts that Lance took it as … Continue reading

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An Unconventional Mother’s Day Card, by Emma (and Lida helped too)

This is Daughter Number One, and this is a risk. In order to bring you this blog, I have had to do what I do best: be sneaky. And I still run the risk of getting in a teeny bit … Continue reading

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