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AGNC 2013: Think Local to Race Global

Most athletes will freak themselves out thinking about this as a big, national event. So don’t do that. Pretend it’s just another local race. Execute what you are capable of on your best day locally and you’ll have a great … Continue reading

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Nationals 2013: Sometimes You Gotta Lose to Win

I just qualified for Team USA at the Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee, but lost my $400 Garmin in the process. I guess “they” are right when they say winning comes at a cost, but I am so giddy about representing the … Continue reading

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Two Thumbs Up For Milwaukee

Truth be told I wasn’t sure how this whole Nationals-in-Milwaukee thang was going to work out. I was more than a little spoiled by the whole Nationals-in-Burlington-Vermont thang for two years, and Viper and I were pretty sure we wouldn’t fit in, … Continue reading

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Oh No, Water Row!

As you’ve probably heard through the grapevine (and by that I mean Daughter #1’s Facebook postings and text messages), Skerritt and I took a tumble yesterday. Yes, it was of the high-speed, clipped in variety. Yes, I am fine. Yes, … Continue reading

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Farewell Maverick?

It seemed silly to schedule a bike fitting at Husam Sahin’s boutique shop in Concord, Mass. After all, I already possessed the perfect bike— a 54 cm Cannondale SIX. The SIX streaks across the frame as if the bike smeared … Continue reading

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National Championships: Ran My Own Race

Kristin Armstrong, I owe you an apology. I had written you off as a great big wuss–a skirt, even–when I read in Mile Markers that your favorite saying is “run your own race.” Competitive me didn’t “get” it; you sounded … Continue reading

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Age Group National Championships 2011 F 40-44 Results

The below results are from the official results page of the 2011 Age Group National Championships. Before each athlete’s name I’ve listed their three “places”: Division/Gender/Overall. To put these numbers into context, the race field consisted of: – 108    female athletes ages 40-44 … Continue reading

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