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Troll, Interrupted

I love my kids. I really do. As ya’ll know, they sure can pull off a heck of a Mother’s Day surprise. ūüôā As awesome as they may be, I still turn into a troll when one of those kids … Continue reading

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Racing Gives You Wrinkles

The past week was, shall we say, a little ‚Äútrying‚ÄĚ around the J-Girl Household. We, ummm, had a whole lot going on. Let‚Äôs leave it at that. Pressure can apparently be a very good thing. I channeled all the insanity … Continue reading

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National Championships: Ran My Own Race

Kristin Armstrong, I owe you an apology. I had written you off as a great big wuss–a skirt, even–when I read in Mile Markers that your favorite saying is ‚Äúrun your own race.‚ÄĚ Competitive me didn’t “get” it; you sounded … Continue reading

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Age Group National Championships 2011 F 40-44 Results

The below results are from¬†the¬†official results page¬†of the 2011 Age Group National Championships. Before each athlete’s name I’ve listed their three “places”: Division/Gender/Overall. To put these numbers into context, the race field consisted of: – 108 ¬† ¬†female¬†athletes ages 40-44 … Continue reading

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Mav to Meet I-89 :)

Friday I took PTO from Cisco to head way, way north to Burlington, Vermont to do course reconnaissance for the fast-approaching USA Age Group National Championships. I remain both giddy and terrified to have qualified for and be competing in … Continue reading

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…And We’re Off!

What does one bring to a Half Ironman? A lot, that’s what! The minivan rolls in seven or so hours and here’s everything that’ll be in it…well, almost everything; you will note that Maverick the Cannondale isn’t splayed out on … Continue reading

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Mav Meets Moose

¬† …but do¬†moose brake for ¬†bikes? Don’t worry folks; Maverick does not endeavor to join the Dead Moose Society. Smart¬†bike that he is, my handsome Cannondale is content with the squirrel sticker¬†on his lapel. This weekend he did, however, lock … Continue reading

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