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Tabula Rasa for Season Three

As I write this, America’s Sister Golden Hair is running through my head; lately I’ve been one poor correspondent. Sorry about that. Silver lining: America has finally given Barry White the boot. (Hang with me a bit and that sentence … Continue reading

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Finding Time

It’s true: triathlon-ing’s a time suck. There are the obvious hours spent in streamline, saddle and Sauconys. There’s time spent seeking the perfect goggles and a cure for my ornery plantar fascia. Throw in the hours I then spend blogging … Continue reading

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Search Engine Silliness

Blogging newbie that I am, I get a huge kick out of seeing what leads people to my goofy ramblings. Most people who hit this site have only themselves to blame: they either subscribe and therefore automatically receive links to … Continue reading

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