Nationals 2013: Sometimes You Gotta Lose to Win

I just qualified for Team USA at the Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee, but lost my $400 Garmin in the process. I guess “they” are right when they say winning comes at a cost, but I am so giddy about representing the United States at the World Championships in August 2014 that I don’t even care 🙂 The top 18 in each division qualify for Worlds automatically; if any of the top 18 don’t want to go, the slots “roll down” as far as #25. Check out who got the last of those automatic slots 🙂


Short version of the race since I am doing this post on my iPhone: the swim was great-for me, which is to say as I exited T1 with my handsome steed someone screamed “you’re 30th!” That’s out of something around 70 chicks, so Viper and I had our work cut out for us but as the kids would say, NBD.

By the three-mile mark we had made short work of 12 of them, by six miles the body count was up to a lucky-for-me 13, and I reached down to get my water bottle at precisely the wrong moment and my knee hit my wrist and my Garmin popped off the bike mount.

My quick-release wristband, forever released of holding my long-lost 910XT.

My quick-release wristband, forever released of holding my long-lost 910XT.

Naturally, it occurred to me that the ejected item was worth a wee bit more than, say, a spent Gu tube…so much so that some riders would even pull over and fetch it. It made me smile to realize that I am so not in that camp. So I mentally let go of what my wrist mount had already expelled and pointed at a pack of spectators and yelled, “Garmin! Get it! 3517!!!”

Who knows if they understood this shorthand for “Hey! You guys! Help! I just lost my Garmin! That’s it bouncing around wildly on the pavement! Would you please risk life and limb to run out into the middle of the road, dodge in between all those cyclists speeding past at 25 mph, and get that Garmin which is probably broken anyways due to the force of the impact? And once you’ve done that can you schlep all the way to transition, locate the lost and found and tell the nice people there it belongs to athlete # 3517? Thanks so much; you totally rock! Beers on me after the race!”

Yeah, so, right. I guess time will tell if they got that message, and then acted upon it.

I continued passing cyclists, both males from Wave 1 as well as a few more Wave 2 chicks (it was great being Wave 2, as I knew that every girl out there was my competitor–this is a luxury I rarely have.) I transitioned well and noted that the majority of bikes in my rack area (ie, my competitors) were still out on the course (as they should be).

My coach and fellow TC2 athlete Evan Pardi were at Run Out waiting for me, and they yelled, “YOU’RE 14th!!!!” Which was both exciting and terrifying.

I will save the blow-blow-blow for another post; short story is that I have a lot of work to do on my run–clearly, as I dropped four places to #18 over the 5k course–but game on and I will be ready for Worlds next summer! Canada, you have been forewarned!!!! 🙂 -cj

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I'm a 40-something single mother of three--two great human girls and one four-legged Dalmatian banshee--who is hellbent on swimming, biking and running straight through my midlife crisis. Care to tag along? Crazy loves company! ;)
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    Wheeee! Congrats! at

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    Awesome job! Congratulations!

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    Congratulations from one of the old guys

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