Sorry Daughter # 1: No NYC in 2012

The good news: I just saved myself $25 plus shipping and handling as I won't need to buy this shirt. Unless NYRR turns out to have some savvy marketers on staff and they make a version with a great big X over it.

Daughter # 1 will be distraught to read this: I did not get a bib number during the NYC 2012 marathon lottery yesterday. We’ve been awaiting word since round-about noon yesterday, but alas, after 19 hours of finger-crossing, my profile on the marathon website has finally been updated:

Entry number: 849497
Marathon registration status:
Not accepted

Daughter # 1 very much wanted to Sharpie over the penciled-in ring around November 4 and get down to her version of training, and by that I mean researching where she’d drag her frazzled, terrified mother the day before and the day after the race (Broadway! Central Park! Times Square!). But really what she wanted was to cross the final US-based World Major off my list so we could get on with “the good stuff”, and by that she means London and Berlin.  Sorry, dear!

Shhh, don’t tell her: I am secretly breathing a great-big-sigh of relief. That’s because I spent last Monday spectating at Mile 16 of the Boston Marathon, where temperatures reached approximately 270 degrees Fahrenheit as tens of thousands of runners ingested automotive fumes and begged for ice chips as they crossed over I-95 and approached the dreaded Heartbreak Hill(s). I felt more like a rubber-necker than a cheerleader; people, regardless of what I told you, you did NOT look good. You did NOT look strong. I did NOT think you should KEEP IT UP and GO GET ‘EM! It was pretty darn scary. To paraphrase a friend of a friend, the best way to cure oneself of marathon-itis is to go to a finish line and watch the carnage. Last Monday, I didn’t need to trek all the way to Copley to experience it; bodies were already stacking up in freaking Wellesley.

So there you have it: no fall 26.2 for me. Instead, I will gleefully continue my planned 2012 assault on the sprint tri scene sans interruption. NYC, we’ll try again in 2013!

“The difference between the mile and the marathon is the difference between burning your fingers with a match and being slowly roasted over hot coals.”     – Hal Higdon

Thanks, Hal…for now, I’ll take the matches 🙂

Oh, and congrats to y’all who made it in….really! I am happy for you! Honest! That’s GREAT! KEEP IT UP! GO GET ‘EM!   🙂

– cj

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I'm a 40-something single mother of three--two great human girls and one four-legged Dalmatian banshee--who is hellbent on swimming, biking and running straight through my midlife crisis. Care to tag along? Crazy loves company! ;)
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