58, Cloudy With a Gentle Breeze…I’ll Take It :)

Different year, different race, same obsessive-compulsive behavior: lately I’ve been refreshing weather.com more frequently than Daughter #1 posts embarrassing Facebook updates about me during races.

Those of you who for some reason keep coming back to this blog for more may recall that 12 months ago I was fixated on the forecast for Patriot’s Day, when the BAA would run the 115th Boston Marathon and I’d run my first. This year, I’m focused on the day before Patriot’s Day, when I’ll do my first “du” of the 2012 season in Wrentham.

We athletes are an obsessive bunch; our compulsivity tends to crescendo just before a big race. Toenail length, running shoe mileage, training volume, pre-race meals, that little twinge we got walking down the stairs last night…oh, there are so many obsessions to choose from!

While each athlete has his/her own personal fave, weather is a shared idée fixe. Greats and amateurs chew the same bone: In 1954, Roger Bannister fretted about 25 mph gusts and then ran the first sub-four-minute mile.

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer fought not only Jock Semple but sleet and snow on her way to becoming the first numbered female runner to complete the Boston Marathon.

April is a rather unpredictable month in these parts so athletes rightfully fret (some years are worse than others). Come to think of it, any month is unpredictable in these parts; the last du in Wrentham was scheduled for October 2011 but had to be moved to November due to a freak early snow storm.

So checking and re-checking and re-re-checking the weather is normal behavior. Really. I promise. I really-truly-promise it’s normal.

I am relieved to report that the forecast for Wrentham is cloudy (perfect), 58 degrees (even more perfect) with an 8 mph wind coming from the southwest (a Google search reveals this qualifies as a “gentle breeze” on the Beaufort Scale, which I heretofore did not know existed and now will consult frequently. Love Beaufort. Love Google.)

What a difference a day makes: Boston Marathon runners, I am so-so-so sorry for you. Weather.com is not being nice to you and is doling out a high of 87 freaking degrees for Marathon Monday. Running Heartbreak Hill in near-90-degree weather? This I cannot fathom.

Net-net: I’ll stop worrying about tomorrow’s weather, get Skerritt all shined up (I’m a little excited–we’re taking a trip to ATA today to get him outfitted with super-speedy wheels for the occasion) and otherwise focus on having another great race in Wrentham. Now about those toenails…

Here’s hoping you don’t clip yours too short, and whatever you do stay hydrated, all you crazy Boston Marathon runners,

–         cj

About garmin_girl

I'm a 40-something single mother of three--two great human girls and one four-legged Dalmatian banshee--who is hellbent on swimming, biking and running straight through my midlife crisis. Care to tag along? Crazy loves company! ;)
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2 Responses to 58, Cloudy With a Gentle Breeze…I’ll Take It :)

  1. Isn’t that weather nuts?! I’ve also been fixated on the Boston conditions for tomorrow; I’m doing the BAA 5K. But I think we’re definitely going to be luckier than those poor marathoners. I would be quaking in my sneakers just thinking about it. Anyway, good luck with your first du of 2012!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Tracey! Good luck to you too, and to all those Boston runners on Monday! I’ll be cheering them on from Newton-Wellesley with signs including GO, COMPLETE STRANGER, GO! and CONGRATS–YOUR TRAINING LASTED LONGER THAN KIN KARDASHIAN’S MARRIAGE!” 🙂

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