Maybe Meatloaf’s Onto Something

I’ve always disagreed heartily with Meatloaf’s Two Outta Three; falling a third short is nothing short of catastrophic. But yesterday at the Buzzard’s Bay Sprint Triathlon, I rocked two outta three events. Even though my swim was pathetic, I redeemed myself enough to place 2nd in my 36-chick age group, and 10th of all 203 females who raced 🙂

Lest you think I am being annoyingly self-deprecating re: my swim, let me assure you I am not. While the conditions were crazy-choppy, I really can’t blame them as everyone swam in the same ocean and nearly everyone swam better than I did. If you don’t believe me, check out the results page: it shows the overall rank of each athlete for each event (not every race provides these breakdowns). If it had been only a swim meet and not a triathlon, I would have come in a dismal 303rd out of 503 participants. But I diluted my sucky swim with a ride that was beaten by only one fellow age-grouper (the incredible Shannon Porges of West Bridgewater who beat me at both Cohasset and Age Group Nationals earlier this yearmore on her later) and chased that down with a Top 5 run performance for my AG.

Bottom line: if the triathlon season really has to end, I guess I’m okay with it ending on such a high note.

Other miscellaneous ramblings about the race:

My first race with the Bay State Triathlon Team. Last fall, I joined the Bay State Triathlon team, thinking it would be great to connect with other like-minded (like-tortured?) souls over the winter. (Surviving the next New England winter always becomes a top goal of mine once the leaves start to turn—despite my Nordic roots, I’m just not that good at managing life once the days get short and the snow piles up. Hence the whole let’s-run-the-Boston-Marathon thang.) I plunked down my fifty bucks to join, but I never became an active member, as most of their team training rides and whatnot take place an hour or so outside the MetroWest area. Ever since, Daughter #1 has teased me at races: “Look, Mom! There goes another member of your team you’ve never met!” So when club president Jeff Salmeri sent around an email saying Bay State would have a tent at Buzzard’s Bay and the team would convene there post-race, I emailed back saying I would do just that so I could end Daughter #1s taunting. Not only did I meet them, I also got to rack my bike with them and discover that one of my teammates is none other than Shannon Porges, she who always beats me! 🙂 What fun! I was chatting with her pre-race and while I knew her first name was Shannon I didn’t know her last name until the awards ceremony 🙂 Naturally, she was 1st place. Even better than meeting her was finding out that she “ages up” next year…meaning she won’t be in my age group anymore! 😉 Double hurrah!

Who has time to notice? The Buzzard’s Bay Sprint Tri was recently voted among the most scenic races by Triathlete Magazine due to breathtaking bay views and “Martha Stewart-like farmhouses”. This cracked me up when I remembered it on the bike loop and thought, who the heck is looking at anything but the wheel in front of them or their speed displayed on their Garmin?!?

Here are some photos from the day—captured by Daughter #2 this time, who not only proved to be a most excellent race-day photographer but also earned a volunteer shirt as she helped with body marking, athlete “SLOW DOWN! WATCH FOR THE CURB!” warning and water-bottle-handing-out at the finish line. Atta girl, Lida! 🙂

It was cold when we got there…here I am bundled up and futzing with my wetsuit:

Awesome close up of Mav’s rented Speed Weaponry:

My mustang good to go in transition:

Lida used the last available real estate on my transition mat to write her good luck message:

The key to speedy T1s is being half out of your wetsuit before you get to your bike. I’m getting better at it:

Note the Garmin in the cap again—I am liking this device more and more; it’s an awful lot of geeky fun:

T1ing next to Bay State teammate Kate Notman 🙂

The hardest part of the wetsuit shimmy is getting your heels out!

Out of the wetsuit at last:

Biking out…and then back in again 14.7 miles later:

Running out…I felt really strong but my feet were entirely asleep. I don’t know why that happened—they were both totally numb for most of the run. Kinda freaky:


Lida gets a kick at how much salt we triathletes lose during a race. Since this was an ocean swim, much of my post-race saltiness was from the water and not my sweat but Daughter #2 still found it necessary to record for posterity my salty posterior:

Here’s my answer to the “What have you been up to lately?” question…two years’ worth of swim caps, bib numbers and related race-day paraphernalia:

OK, so now I guess it’s time to think about training for that silly Chicago Marathon I am to run in (gulp) 20 days. Cheers!


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I'm a 40-something single mother of three--two great human girls and one four-legged Dalmatian banshee--who is hellbent on swimming, biking and running straight through my midlife crisis. Care to tag along? Crazy loves company! ;)
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