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Chicago: to be or not to be, that is my question

This week, most East Coasters are asking “did’ja feel it?”—the “it” being Tuesday’s 5.8 earthquake. But the question on my lips is “should I do it?”—the “it” being the fast-approaching Chicago Marathon. With my coach’s blessing, I signed up for … Continue reading

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National Championships: Ran My Own Race

Kristin Armstrong, I owe you an apology. I had written you off as a great big wuss–a skirt, even–when I read in Mile Markers that your favorite saying is “run your own race.” Competitive me didn’t “get” it; you sounded … Continue reading

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Age Group National Championships 2011 F 40-44 Results

The below results are from the official results page of the 2011 Age Group National Championships. Before each athlete’s name I’ve listed their three “places”: Division/Gender/Overall. To put these numbers into context, the race field consisted of: – 108    female athletes ages 40-44 … Continue reading

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Do I Dare to *Not* Compare?

Gas-station prices. Job offers. The Red Sox/Yankees rivalry circa 2004 versus 2011. We humans love to compare. Triathletes get all sorts of opportunities to flex our comparative muscles. We compare training plans and racing calendars. We compare our performances race … Continue reading

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Open Letter of Apology to My Aerobars

Oh, aerobars of mine, will you ever forgive me? You caught me red-handed, shopping for your replacement this weekend. I am so very ashamed. The snake that led me astray is a vision of beauty called the Vision Aero Drink … Continue reading

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Lifting My Speed

It has come to my attention that casual observers think we athletes eat nails for breakfast. This cracks me up. In reality, sneak a peek beneath our Under Armour (figuratively, people) and you’ll see super-soft, vulnerable underbellies. Apply a little elbow … Continue reading

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