Good Things Come in Threes

I wish I could bottle the positive energy of this day. If I could, the resulting elixir would get me through an entire Ironman without a single sip of Cytomax.

Okay, probably not. But you get my drift.

Today’s goodness came in threes. Good thing #1: I finished the six-month insanity I’ve come to call the Tour de Marlborough 🙂 Gary Cattarin (who independently–without knowing me, even–concocted the same odd plan in the same month while training for the same race) accompanied me for my final foray. Daughter #2 (aka Lida) rode her bike alongside and took pictures to commemorate the craziness.

Since this was a long-term project (after all, there are 617 bloody roads in this city) I had ample time to ponder how to send it on its merry way down Memory Lane. (Speaking of Memory Lane, Metrowest Daily News readers may recall that’s the road Gary forgot). We runners are apparently united in our love of symbolism: Gary wrapped his “collection” with the spit of Main Street in front of City Hall; for my last hurrah I set my sights on “collecting” the “A to Z” of this city. So I reserved the first and last roads in town (alphabetically speaking) and today Gary and I ran from Adams to Zompetti (in between we hit Park and Ringold–both of which I also needed to finish my collection). Here’s the run in Garmin-ese as well as one of Lida’s many pictures of us & “Z”. (She adorably took her job as Chief Photographer very seriously. Gary joked with a perplexed passerby that this may be the most excitement ever on Zompetti Street–hah!)

final run done: Adams to Zompetti 🙂

Good thing #2: last night on a lark, I crossed my fingers and bought yet another pair of super-snazzy “socket rockets” (translation: goggles). If you’ve been following my missives you know that aquawear and I don’t mix–my “unique” face has relegated me to the oh-so-pratical yet super-unsexy swim mask. Well GUESS WHAT?!?! I gave my latest acquisition a test-swim today and THEY FIT!!!! Note to Speedo: expect a sales spike, because this chick’s gonna hoard “Women’s Vanquishers” as if they were canned goods and she were a Great Depression-era housewife. (But not as if she were the subject of an episode of Hoarders. That’s just sad. If it ever comes to that, I beseech you: medicate me.)

CJ downsizes. So long, chunky-ugly swim mask....hellllllooo vixen-ish Vanquishers!

Good thing #3: I got to ease the marathoner-to-triathlete transition of two new friends. Both Christy and Christine “ran Boston” with me. (Perhaps I should clarify: they ran the Boston Marathon with me, not every road in Boston.) Christy’s first tri is Marlborough 2011 (tomorrow!) and she’s crazynervous. So today we hit the course and got her feet wet (both literally and figuratively). I lent her a tri suit and gave her some goggles from my embarrassingly sizable “discard” pile. (Bless her heart, she a). didn’t own goggles and b). asked me if it was really necessary to submerge one’s “whole face” underwater during the swim. Kid you not. For this question I will forever adore her.)

As for Christine (she made up half of “C-Squared”, for those of you who remember my Marathon blogs better than Gary remembered Memory Lane), I am absolutely, positively thrilled to say she was motivated to think tri big due to my crazy ramblings on this goofy blog of mine. Uno problemo: she lacked wheels. So I had Doug at Assabet River Bicycles tune up my trusty old mountain bike and replace its knobby tires with slicks. I delivered it to her today. (Well, I delivered it to her mother who in turn delivered it to her. Same thing. Kinda.)  Yes, the mountain bike I’ve neglected since Maverick the Second burst onto the scene will finally experience the thrill of the tri–just with a different Christine in its saddle. They’ll make their debut at the Title 9 Women’s Only Sprint Tri in September 🙂 In return I’ve asked her to “listen” to the bike as she trains; I know it has a gender/name…perhaps it will reveal itself to her in the coming months 🙂

Half of "C-Squared" tries out the (still unnamed) bike with which she'll tri 🙂

Accomplished goals (wacky as they may be), new goggles (that fit!), new girlfriends (who make me smile)…what a great triumverate. To cap it all off, take a look at what number I’ll race under in tomorrow’s Marlborough Triathlon 🙂 How fitting it starts with a “3”!

My Marlborough Triathlon number: lucky 300, that's me!

Here’s hoping you make a friend’s day, finish a goofy project, and keep pursuing your perfect goggles. Seek and you shall find!

Enjoy your day!

– The Vixen in the Vanquishers, aka #300 🙂

About garmin_girl

I'm a 40-something single mother of three--two great human girls and one four-legged Dalmatian banshee--who is hellbent on swimming, biking and running straight through my midlife crisis. Care to tag along? Crazy loves company! ;)
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