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Mav to Meet I-89 :)

Friday I took PTO from Cisco to head way, way north to Burlington, Vermont to do course reconnaissance for the fast-approaching USA Age Group National Championships. I remain both giddy and terrified to have qualified for and be competing in … Continue reading

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Just One Word for ACK: “Accck!”

I nearly nixed the Nantucket Triathlon when—ten short days pre-race—the board of selectmen moved the approved-in-December start from 8 am to 12:30 pm. My reasons were four-fold: first, a post-lunch race sounded like a serious slice of hell to this early … Continue reading

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Careful What You Ask For :)

Twice in my life I’ve been wait-listed: in 1988 by Boston University and last month by USA Triathlon when I qualified just-by-the-seat-of-my-tri-suit for the Age Group National Championships, to be held in Burlington, Vermont on August 20th. For those of you … Continue reading

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Finding Time

It’s true: triathlon-ing’s a time suck. There are the obvious hours spent in streamline, saddle and Sauconys. There’s time spent seeking the perfect goggles and a cure for my ornery plantar fascia. Throw in the hours I then spend blogging … Continue reading

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Must’ve Been the Socket Rockets

In the off-chance you’ve yet to hear: word on the street is the wacky girl who on Saturday finished running every street in Marlborough the very next day went on to take first freaking place in her age group–and was … Continue reading

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Good Things Come in Threes

I wish I could bottle the positive energy of this day. If I could, the resulting elixir would get me through an entire Ironman without a single sip of Cytomax. Okay, probably not. But you get my drift. Today’s goodness came … Continue reading

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Majestic Day in Manchester, NH

The HASLAW Manchester Mile and 5K fell one day shy of the Fourth of July, but start to finish it sure felt like fireworks to me. Two of my friends—Tina and Andy—were the reason I headed north this weekend. Tina … Continue reading

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