…And We’re Off!

...everything but the bike 🙂

What does one bring to a Half Ironman? A lot, that’s what! The minivan rolls in seven or so hours and here’s everything that’ll be in it…well, almost everything; you will note that Maverick the Cannondale isn’t splayed out on my bed. Eager boy that he is, he already jumped in the car and buckled in (for those of you who haven’t seen this, yes, Maverick does indeed get his own seatbelt. Kid you not.)

Hopefully there will be room for me and Daughters 1 & 2 as well! 🙂

My packing checklist for the Mooseman Half Ironman on Sunday June 5th 2011:

~ SWIM ~
– sunscreen
– tri suit
– wet suit
– Body Glide (helps you get off wetsuit fast)
– skull cap
– booties
– heart-rate monitor
– goggles, both tinted and non-tinted (just in case)
– anti-fog spray for goggles
– Speedo swim plugs (I hate getting water in my ears)

~ T1 ~
– Maverick with water bottles–one with water, one with CytoMax
– bike pump
– Garmin mounted on Mav so I can watch speed/cadence
– RoadID
– extra water bottle (to rinse my feet after sandy barefoot run from water’s edge to T1)
– helmet
– sunglasses
– Clif Bloks
– my very hot pink transition mat
– Sharpies (our tradition–my girls write something new on my T-mat prior to each race)
– bike shoes
– lube (my bike shoes have been finicky about clipping in lately–might need this)
– socks preloaded with baby powder (to make it easier to slip on with semi-wet feet)
– race belt (bib number snaps onto this)
– bike gloves (which I will try very hard to remember to take off before I start running!)

~ T2 ~
– Garmin wristband (to transfer Garmin onto so I can monitor pace as I run)
– sun visor…so the competition can see as little of the pain on my face as possible 🙂
– “Pair C” with footpod and Yanx (easy-on, easy-off shoe laces)
– Jelly Belly Sport Jelly beans – 3 packs
– Gatorade to guzzle before setting off for the (gulp) half marathon

~ MISC ~
– Boston Marathon hat and jacket…I admit: these are to scare the competition at sign-in 🙂
– tri bag (believe it or not, most of this stuff will fit in that black bag!)
– USA Triathlon Member card (for number pick-up)
– foam roller and The Stick for night before rolling
– Athlete Packet to obsess over the course maps whilst at the hotel
– Chris McCormack’s book “I’m Here To Win” (for pre-race inspiration)
– spiffy 70.3 magnet, to make its debut on the minivan’s bumper on the ride back home! 🙂

Signing off for now!

– Soon-to-be-Half-Irongirl 🙂

About garmin_girl

I'm a 40-something single mother of three--two great human girls and one four-legged Dalmatian banshee--who is hellbent on swimming, biking and running straight through my midlife crisis. Care to tag along? Crazy loves company! ;)
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