Dumbest Idea Ever?

This weekend I got a big ol’ dose of teen-style tough-love: “Mom, you’ve had some pretty dumb ideas,” Daughter #1 told me in her firmest “managing Mommy” voice as we drove home from church. “No, you’ve had some really, truly dumb ideas. But this is your dumbest idea ever.”

The idea in question: doing my first half Ironman on June 5th –just six short weeks after my first marathon.

My coworker Ben apparently agrees: When I mentioned to him (via IM) that my very next race would cover a grand total of 70.3 miles, he replied: “70.3—that’s a typo, right? You’d have to be crazy—or have access to a car—for 70.3.”

I guess I’m crazy then, as I won’t have access to a car for the Mooseman Half Ironman …just a wetsuit for the 1.2-mile swim, Maverick-the-most-awesome-Cannondale for the 56-mile bike leg and then I guess it’ll be Pair C accompanying me on the 13.1-mile run (that’s a “half marathon”, for you troopers who are trying hard to learn the lingo).

Truth be told, it does sound a little wacky—even to me. After all, in the ten months I’ve owned Maverick I’ve not once ridden him 56 whole miles in one fell swoop (my longest ride to date is 44 miles—out and back on the Cape Cod Rail Trail). And the memory of walking down the stairs sloooowly and sideways for many a day post-marathon is still remarkably fresh.

The Boston Marathon served as an exquisite distraction; with the Citgo sign in my rearview mirror, I’ve only six-odd weeks to fully absorb the enormity of my next endeavor. Which puts me in precisely the same predicament as I was last summer, when I signed up for the Marlborough Triathlon—my very first triathlon not to mention my very first race of adulthood—just six short weeks before it took place. What symmetry! 🙂

Crazy or not, here it comes. What’s a girl to do? Same thing I did six weeks out from the Marlborough Tri, I suppose: hit the race results page and see what kind of trouble we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Here’s the hard-cold reality, courtesy of a Google search: 844 people descended upon Newfound Lake in New Hampshire to tackle the 2010 Mooseman Half IM; 47 of them were in my division (chicks ages 40-44). Thirty percent of my division finished in 5-6 hours; the rest took up to (gulp) eight hours to finish. The swim took ‘em anywhere from 30 to 52 minutes; their bike splits ranged from just shy of three hours to north of four; the run ranged from a blistering fast 1:39:30 to a more leisurely 2:44:12.

I won’t bore you with all the slicing and dicing of the data I did (mostly because, given my math issues, the accuracy of it is questionable). Suffice it to say I have a very long, very crazy day ahead of me come June 5th. I am all sorts of excited about it and have this wild idea that I can really rock the bike split—probably because I’m reading “We Might As Well Win” and feeling all Lance Armstrong-ish 🙂

Fortunately for me, this race has not snuck up on my coach—he’s been feeding me a steady diet of bike, swim and run workouts to get me as physically ready for this race as I can be. So I will trust in that training and do my best to avoid freaking out.

Tonight I get to be distracted by the siren song of the Boston Marathon one more time: my Children’s Hospital teammates and I are meeting for drinks to share our April 18th stories—stories many of us were incapable of sharing when we met at the Westin just after the race, since we’d left our command of the English language somewhere around Boston College.

Here’s hoping you’re as excited about your latest “dumbest idea ever” as I am about mine!


About garmin_girl

I'm a 40-something single mother of three--two great human girls and one four-legged Dalmatian banshee--who is hellbent on swimming, biking and running straight through my midlife crisis. Care to tag along? Crazy loves company! ;)
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