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Mav Meets Moose

  …but do moose brake for  bikes? Don’t worry folks; Maverick does not endeavor to join the Dead Moose Society. Smart bike that he is, my handsome Cannondale is content with the squirrel sticker on his lapel. This weekend he did, however, lock … Continue reading

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First the Cheeseburger Dude, Now Gary

  I gotta say: it’s been a lot easier to stomach being beaten by Gary Cattarin in “Operation Run Marlborough” than it was to be beaten by that anonymous dude in the cheeseburger costume during the Boston Marathon’s final mile. … Continue reading

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Safety in Numbers?

Earlier this week I hit the Mooseman website to run some stats on my upcoming (and first) Half Ironman. All I can say is if there’s “safety in numbers” I am sooooo unsafe! total race field:    1,069 total females:      295 … Continue reading

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Search Engine Silliness

Blogging newbie that I am, I get a huge kick out of seeing what leads people to my goofy ramblings. Most people who hit this site have only themselves to blame: they either subscribe and therefore automatically receive links to … Continue reading

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Dead Squirrel Society

When I was sorting the mail that accumulated whilst I was not gambling, not drinking and not carousing in Vegas, I assumed all bills were mine and all pretty notecards were Daughter #2s…after all, today’s Lida’s 11th birthday 🙂 So … Continue reading

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Running NYC to Cairo Before Breakfast

On Wednesday I ran from New York to Cairo before breakfast. It took me fewer than three minutes to cover the distance between Lady Liberty and the Sphinx. Superhuman? Nah. I was Viva-ing Las Vegas, endurance-athlete style. This non-gambling, two-drinks-and-I’m-plastered, … Continue reading

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Rubber Meets Rodent

Today I’ll be hard-pressed to get a gruesome version of Mud on the Tires out of my head. Messily merge this blog’s headline with Brad Paisley’s song then substitute a Cannondale for the Chevrolet and you, too, will be humming this not-CMA-award-worthy … Continue reading

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