Putting the “Ugh” in Marlborough

I’ve a serious setback to report. It impacts the status of Operation Run Marlborough, folks. It ain’t pretty. In fact, this definitely puts the “ugh” in Marlborough.

When I started this silliness in January, I was basing my run-every-road-in-Marlborough schemes on an admittedly outdated map; I got it in 2003 so I assumed at least a few new roads had been paved since its printing. Along the wacky way I knew I’d add a road or two to the 545 it listed.

Sure enough, over the months I not only added some roads but subtracted others that had either been planned and never materialized or had been torn up to make room for industrial parks. Then earlier this month, after regaling a gathering of my relatives with stories from the streets of Marlborough, Jim Mackie ran out to his car, rummaged through the glove box and presented me with a more up-to-date version of the same map. Jim happens to live on one of the streets my old map left off, is a relative of mine (he calls me his niece–it’s a little more complicated than that but we’ll go with it for simplicity’s sake) and also happens to go to church with the other crazy “Run Marlborough” runner, Gary Cattarin. But I digress.

Yesterday my coach ordered me to take the day off after I confessed via email to feeling a wee bit spent (“order” isn’t an exagerration; “move the eight-miler to Sunday. Take today off and rest. That’s an order!” he emailed.)  So I used the found time to first rectify the street listings of Map 1 and Map 2, then consulted Google maps to further clarify. In one instance–the alleged “James Street”–even Google maps didn’t fully satisfy my curiousity. So I reached out to the only other person in the world who might know the answer without jumping in a car. Yep, I emailed Gary. And yep, he knew the answer. (And nope, it doesn’t exist–despite appearing on both Map 1 and Map 2 and even on Google maps…there just ain’t no James Street behind that new fire house of ours.)

Bottom line: there are not 545 roads in Marlborough as I had thought when I started this endeavor. There are not 567, as I had thought as recently as 24 hours ago. There are apparently a whopping 613. Wait–that doesn’t include 495 and 290–so make that 615.

Ugh indeed!

Fave epiphany du jour: my old map neglected to record the existence of Overlook Drive. (Get it? Neglected Overlook? giggle-giggle-snort-snort).

You know where all this is going–yep, more math had to be done so I could update my percentages, as they were based on the faulty foundation of 567. (So much for my day of rest; in my book, math is harder than hill drills.)  I am pleased to say that the numbers have been re-crunched to the best of my admittedly pathetic ability and the hard cold truth is here. (Heidi, please certify these results in your spare time.) I am adjusting reasonably well to the fact that I am not, as I had thought, closing in on 70 percent. I am back down to a paltry 62.11 percent in this goofy game of mine, which rounds down to 60 percent. Totally feels like I got the “GO TO JAIL” card out of the Community Chest; I’ll get over it.

While there’s nothing great about the state of the economy, I see a silver lining: at least no new roads will be built whilst I catch back up to where I thought I already was.

In other news, I meet up with that TV anchor tomorrow–what crazy fun!

Don’t you overlook the beauty of this day–go lace up and enjoy it!


About garmin_girl

I'm a 40-something single mother of three--two great human girls and one four-legged Dalmatian banshee--who is hellbent on swimming, biking and running straight through my midlife crisis. Care to tag along? Crazy loves company! ;)
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1 Response to Putting the “Ugh” in Marlborough

  1. gswoodward says:

    OMG I thought my Taper was hard. Thank God I am not trying to run every anything in anywhere!
    Whatever it takes to keep your mind off of, well, you know – It whose name we can not say.

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