All Garmin-ed Up…

…and ready to run!  I wore my “Pair C” race day Saucony Guide 3s for the first time this week, yes I did. Here they are, footpod affixed, just before we went on our first jaunt together. Aren’t they gorgeous?  I know, shoe-fetish friends of mine–you’re jealous 😉

have footpod, will travel--my "Pair C" Sauconys make their debut

I’ve gotten all sorts of advice on when and how to introduce the race-day pair into the training mix so they are broken in yet still super-fresh; every runner seems to know The Best Way To Do It, and yet no two plans are alike. My coach says to wear Pair C weekly from here on out on my short runs and then on the very last long run (i.e. my Children’s Hospital Team 21-miler on March 26); Pair A and Pair B get to cover the rest of the miles. Since he’s gotten Single Speed CJ through not just one but two injuries and somehow made her a better, faster, stronger and more confident runner in the process, his plan is The Plan.

Just 33 days until Marathon Monday! Very excited girl here in case you couldn’t tell. I also just got a note from Ginny, the mom of my patient-partner Grace. I had asked if I could tag along the next time Grace goes to the Children’s Hospital Spina Bifida Clinic. It’s easy to get caught up in the marathoning part of this endeavor and forget the other side of the coin–the kids that this fundraising helps. And so, Grace, Ginny and I are off to Children’s Hospital together on April 13th, just five short days before the Marathon. I am completely honored that they would give me this glimpse into their lives; it gives my fundraising effort and this run all the more meaning. I’ll get to meet her doctors and see what type of a difference Children’s makes in the life of one very special kid.  Thank you so much, Ginny and Grace. What an honor and privilege.  

Until next time…from me and “Pair C”, you folks enjoy your day!

– Christine

P.S.: Knock wood–both the heel and the neck seem to be a-OK as of today! 🙂

About garmin_girl

I'm a 40-something single mother of three--two great human girls and one four-legged Dalmatian banshee--who is hellbent on swimming, biking and running straight through my midlife crisis. Care to tag along? Crazy loves company! ;)
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6 Responses to All Garmin-ed Up…

  1. Jen Robinson says:

    It’s a wonderful (if not a bit mad) thing that you’re doing. Good luck CJ!

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