Cisco Rocks!

It’s official: my application to get Children’s Hospital of Boston on the list of Cisco-approved charitable organizations for the Cisco Matching Gifts program has been accepted! Hurrah! That means Cisco will match any and all employee donations made to my Miles for Miracles 115th Boston Marathon run, from $50 right on up to $1,000. Thank you so very much, Cisco!

Here are the step-by-step directions for interested Cisco employees: 

1. If you are using an instance of SalesForce please log out and close your browser. Open a new browser and log in to Cisco Community Connection on CEC. You may be prompted to enter your CEC login and password. (If you get an error message, go to *** at the end of this entry.)

2. Once there, in the search box (at left), copy and paste this text: Children’s Hospital Corporation then click GO

3. When the next page loads, you’ll see Account Name at the bottom of the page and directly below that you’ll see Children’s Hospital Corporation. Select it.

4. In the gray box at the top of the next page you’ll see three options: Make a Donation / Request a Match / Enter Volunteer Hours. Select Make a Donation

5. The Choose a Campaign screen will appear, and General Giving will be displayed in the drop down box automatically (it is the only option). Simply click Choose Campaign

6. A Donation Details screen appears. IMPORTANT: Please copy and paste this text in the “Designation” box: JC0027 / Boston Marathon / Christine Johansen

7. A Match Calculation screen appears. If your donation is above $50 and below $1,000, it will show a 100 percent match. Click Continue.

8. From here on out it is pretty standard stuff: read and accept Ts + Cs, enter credit card information (Visa, MC, Amex or Discover) then enter Billing Address. Eventually you’ll get a review screen and then finally a Confirmation Screen appears. Done!Please note that due to Cisco’s privacy policy there’s no way for me to know you’ve donated unless you tell me. So if you’d be so kind as to drop me a note–I really would like to know who to thank…not to mention when we hit the $5K mark!

Thank you so much, everyone!

– Christine

***If you cannot get in using the url above, you may need to Synchronize your Password or Activate your computer:

To synchronize your password: If you receive failed login, please check to make sure your password is synchronized using the password synchronization tool.

To activate your computer: If you get a screen letting you know that Activation is required, click on the button that says “Send Activation Link”.  You will then be sent an email with an link.  Click on that link and you should be able to access Community Connection.

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