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Ouch! The High Cost of Injury

“Reclaimed” golf ball from Sports Authority:           $1.00 Ice pack from Sports Authority:                                $3.49 Strassburg sock from PR Running:                            $38.49* Arch-supporting clogs from The Walking Store:     $153.39** Healing this heel so training gets back on track:      Priceless Ouch! Double ouch! Plantar fasciitis is both painful … Continue reading

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Plantar What?

Today I am sad. I am walking more like a little old lady than someone who is 51 days away from running a marathon. I have this thing called plantar fasciitis to thank for it. Medically speaking, plantar fasciitis is irritation … Continue reading

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Tick-Tock, Fireball Clock

Since man has had things to look forward to, he’s had a hankering to mark the time in between “Now” and “Significant Future Event”. Scratches on prison walls, big honking slabs of Basalt at Stonehenge, puppy dog wall calendars, Blackberrys–they’ve all played … Continue reading

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126 down, 419 to go

Thought I’d give up on that wacky “I’m going to run every road in Marlborough while I train for the Boston Marathon” idea? Well, I didn’t.  Here’s an update: – Five hundred and forty five named roads make up the … Continue reading

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