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Channeling Pam (x2)

I just did something that totally wigs me out: I registered for the Black Cat 20-Miler on March 6th.  OMG I have to run 20 consecutive freaking miles! If you’re sane, this “epiphany” probably sounds painfully obvious; I did indeed … Continue reading

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Adrenaline Junkies & LSD

I spent Sunday with 668 fellow adrenaline junkies and a whole lotta LSD. This wasn’t a rave; it was a crazy little thing called the Boston Prep 16 Miler. (Remember, dear reader: LSD stands for Long Slow Distance. Most of … Continue reading

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Map Mania

If you don’t know by now that I tend towards eccentricity, well, dear reader, you simply haven’t been paying attention 😉 This morning as I was putting away Christmas decorations (ok, make that pondering putting away Christmas decorations), I stumbled … Continue reading

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Deep Snow, Deep Thoughts?

Several of you have asked me what I think about when I run. My standard response (“when I run I think about running”) has apparently failed to slake your thirst for information.  So here goes: my Top Six Thoughts During … Continue reading

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Not Just a Run—an Adventure

Friday night as I mentally prepared myself for the next morning’s 14-miler, I knew I faced some significant challenges. Topping the list: the quarter-sized blister on my right inner heel; my too-achy abs from a new core routine; and my … Continue reading

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Single-Speed CJ

Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts.  We have officially passed the double-digit mark in the Marathon Countdown.  Yes, there are fewer than 100 days—a mere 98 to be precise—to go.  This milestone is hitting me big-time.  When I got … Continue reading

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